What's PTS

The founder of PTS ecology is the original God of PTS ecology. All the rules and ideas about PTS ecology are published on www.protogonos.online. The founder of PTS ecology hopes to create a token ecology with real meaning and universal value, just like Nakamoto. What we do is to design the ecological model, put forward the rules that really accord with the development of the block chain, and choose the twelve-star house suitable for the development of the ecosystem. As for the PTS ecological dividend, the PTS ecological start-up team does not participate in any form of dividend distribution. After the selection of the twelve-star house, we will completely transfer the right of ecological construction to the management of the twelve-star house. 。 Relying on block chain technology and the principle of non-centralized anonymity design, an open private Internet is rebuilt on distributed nodes. On this basis, through precise and rigorous product design, the initial functions are operated in the application of encrypted digital money wallet, which achieves a friendly user experience and forms a perfect decentralized financial and commercial ecology.

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