After the end of PEX,
the PTS block is switched to the conventional phase of PEX (PTS Exchange) resonance trading.
In this stage, according to the natural changes of the market,
participants can continuously exchange ETH with PTS,
through which the legal value of PTS can be expanded.

PEX Rule

Members'participation in resonance is actually the process of transferring their ETH wallet address to the project address. After successful transfer, the member receives a certain number of PTS coins, which are released linearly on the 30th day. This part is in several fonts, and can be transferred to his wallet address at any time after release, which can be regarded as withdrawal coins.

1. Must be a fissioner in order to dig.
2. Resonance mining 500 layers, each with 200 ETH. The ratio of ETH and PTS in the first layer is 1:2500. The second floor is 1:2495 and the third floor is 1:2490. Each layer of ETH convertible PTS is reduced by 5.
3. The PTS after resonance will be released daily from the day of resonance according to the ratio of 1/30.